K2543 12v picture


Hi every body

I just bought a velleman kit, the K2543 to use with 12v.
But im very green with the color stripes on the components.
Does anyone have a good picture/photo of it, without the aluminium heatsink.
Just to make sure I dont mess it.


Made this topic on smartphone and chose wrong forum section.


Here you go.
The component are in the correct place nut I am not using it for it’s intended purpose

Hope this helps



Thanks a lot.

I was trying to upload picture of mine, but was to big, in kb, needed to shrink it, lol.

Going to compare.

Interesting way you fitted your T2 transistor…
(Just noticed that you are not using it for its intended purpose)
Do you have more pictures or a link so i can see more??
Dont be shy, lol…
Need ideas to fit it on a box with heatsink out of it.


It seems that i have it right.
Do you agree??


Looks like you have it setup right.
The instructions should show you how to mount the transistor.


I also agree.

Just asked that because you have 3 wires instead of T2…


T2 needs to be mounted on the board.
I wasn’t using this for a car I just saw it and thought it would work for another project.


I see.

Now i have a question about the 4 wires to connect.
Can I connect nr1 on (+) of the coil?

1 - to (+) coil???
2 - to contact breakers
3 - to (-) coil
4 - to (-) chassi


You can download the manual here.
Look at page 6