K2543 without battery


I would like to use the k2543 kit on an old vespa wich has no battery.
It only has an AC alternator, is it possible to install a rectifier bridge to create a DC power supply for the kit?


Are you sure that the Vespa does not have a Magneto instead of an alternator?
I this is the case it will not work.


It has this type ignition at the moment with a seperate light coil.


Since I don’t know everything about a Vespa but you should investigate a little more.
That does look like a magneto to me.
On the flywheel that mounts over it you should find there are magnets in it.
Remember I could be wrong


You are right, it’s a magneto type.
What is the reason why it’s not suitable with a magneto and rectifier?
Is the voltage not stable enough for power supply of the K2543?

In that case I have to install a rectifier, voltage regulator and battery?


I really don’t know why.
But the voltage coming off of the secondary’s of the ignition is going to be very high.
If you do what you are thinking about it might effect the performance of the engine.
This is just a guess…
If you look at the instructions for the K2543 it connects to a coil.
Magnetos do not have one.


This kit will only be used with battery ignitions!