K2633 Integration

I am attempting to use the K2633 as a test device to test operation of a Fitre E-Tell phone. Looking for help with input and output to these two devices. I need the LED’s to light when calls are made and have a test button to implement a call. I can’t attach the diagrams but can send via email. If someone can tell me how to insert the diagram I will gladly do so. The img button only puts a link for pics but they are not on any website to link to.

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The connection of a few relays to the outputs of an electronic circuit might be theoretically very simple, but practically it may lead to a very complicated matter with all possible results. This kit is an attractive and compact alternativ, fast to construct and to mount. It can be used with open collector circuits.
Four relay outputs, single pole invertors
Max. load : 240V AC / 3A resistive
9V DC / 300 mA power supply
Four control-LED’s are provided
Is controlled by an open collector output (9V/15 mA)
Dimensions : 76 x 69 x 25 mm.
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