K2636 how to connect to AC powerdrill

Hi, this is my first time wiring two systems together, I’m completely outside my usual “modding” area, so I have a bunch of questions. I wrote an earlier post but I hope this is more tangible. I have set up my kit for European standard 230V 50Hz
Is it correct that:

  1. when I go to buy wire, I can use the same wire for all three outputs, and it has to be a “double wire” (L and N) able to hold 230V
  2. am I meant to connect VAC to mains externally via soldering? That seems precarious to me…
  3. the main voltage is derived from an external source, not the power drill I want to connect it to.
    3.1) Since mains is AC powered, do I simply connect it to a wall plug and plug it directly? Do I need to convert the power coming from my wall?
  4. what is the load, and 4.1) what is the M icon which goes between L and N for load. Is that my appliance? (Power drill)
  5. where do I connect my kit to the power drill? Directly on the motor?
  6. considering a max load of 5.5A, can I rest assured that my appliance has 5A stated on it?
  7. my final aim is to have a rotary motor with quite a lot of strength (5kg or more) with between 50 and 100 RPM
    Is it possible to take out the rotary motor from the power drill and power it via the K2636 kit?

Here is the link to a photo of the inside my power drill (230V 5A) please let me know if it has expired and I will post a new link https://we.tl/t-dOmCKP7q5U

I hope I didn’t give anyone a headache reading this. Thank you so much in advance!