K3505 headlight warner

Good day

I have a K3505 headlight warner. I drive a Nissan D22 Navara, or otherwise known as the Frontier.

I connected the wires as per the instructions. I connected one wire to the lights, one to tge radio as it is on the accessories and one to ground.

The unit warns me if I leave the lights on and switch off the car. But is also sounds a warning if I switch the lights off before I switch the car off.

Any reason why?

Can you measure with an oscilloscope(preferably) or multi-meter what signal you get on the contact?

Also did you set the jumper correctly?

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Should I measure the device contact? Or the car contact? What should the volts be? Or amps for that matter.

I set the jumper as per the manual? Is there an incorrect way? I set it to sound the alarm if the car is off anf the lights are on. So I connected the 2.

Why is there a 2 pin wire connector included?

Thank you for the help. Sorry about all the questions.

I’ve got the same kit.

Where exactly should I connect the kit to on the car. It’s not so clear in the schematic. One wire labelled L connects to the lights am I correct? But what is the wire labelled C ‘contact’ supposed to connect to? Is it anything live that’s on while the ignition is on?

Thanks for your help.