K4040 Resurrection

I have been given a non-working K4040 amp that I am attempting to resurrect. After fixing a number of questionable solder joints, and re-routing places where the board contacts had failed, I finally put power to the board. The power on and warm up LEDs and relay worked fine. However the heater circuits disappointingly gave me 3.7 vac across all points. The immediate concern was the transformer is toast but I thought it worth asking before I do useless work. FWIW, this is a 120v setup and the input jumpers appear to be correct.
Any advice is welcome.

Forgive my ignorance but I was checking voltages to ground and not across leads/pins. I’ve got 7.2 vac to my gray heater circuit but the green is 0 vac. Still thinking the transformer is toast but open to advice.