K4700 test issue

Hi, I have built a K4700 kit to install in my amplifier build and have just got to the testing stage. The test results are not what they should be and I would be grateful for some help.

On power-up the yellow LED lights up and, after about 5 seconds, goes dim (which seems OK). If I just wait for 20 or 30 secs the red LED flickers for a couple of seconds and then both LEDs light up. I am testing the board in isolation, so it is not connected to the amplifier output or the speaker. Is it expected behaviour for the LEDs to come on after about 20 seconds in those circumstances ?

When I test the PA connections against +V the board seems to behave as expected (i.e. as described in the manual).

When I test the board against -V, however, the red and yellow LEDs light up as expected but then they stay lit up when the short circuit is disconnected. What might cause the red LED to stay on after the fault condition has been been removed ? Note that if I disconnect the board from the supply and then immediately reconnect it to the supply the yellow and red LEDs both light up again so whatever the fault is it seems to be maintained by charge from the reservoir caps.

Any help that anyone can offer would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance.