K4700 with Crown DC-300A mk2

I’ve just finished a K4700 kit in a Crown DC-300A mk2
PSU is symetrical : +60Vdc GND -60Vdc
Stereo : 150w / channel
There’s a 0.uF cap across each output terminal.
From the manual I couldn’t understand if I need to use the output resistance (R23 - R26)
Please advice.

I don’t understand your question.
Could you clarify it a bit further?

Please look at this part of the manual:

My amp (Crown DC-300A mk2) have a symmetrical PSU (+60Vdc GND -60Vdc)
The amp power is 150w / channel
There’s a 0.1uF cap across each output terminal.
According to this specs, should I use the output resistors (R23 - R26)?