K6711 infrared transmitter not working , LD1 blinking

Can anybody help? I have a K6711 remote controller that has been working seemless for many years. Now suddenly the indicator LED keeps blinking and ghe remote controller is not functioning. What could be that reason and how to get the remote controller back to work? Battery was replaced but no change. Thanks very much for any suggestions!

Correction. Actually it is the K6710, the remote controller. Meanwhile i found the schematics and it seems to me that at least one or more of the IR led’s are open and hence current flows through the indicator led. Can anybody advice how I can get replacement IR leds for this remote controller? The K6710 seems to be obsolete. Thanks in advance!

Hello CarlG,

The replacement IR LEDS for K6710 are: L-7113F3BT 3 pieces
Available from our distributors https://www.velleman.eu/shops/

All info about K6710: https://www.velleman.eu/downloads/0/manual_k6710.pdf

Velleman Support