K7203 and K2651 problem


I have a problem with this kit (0-30V/3A power supply). When I connected my 30VAC transformer,i can measure an entrance of 25VAC wich results in about 33,5VDC after being rectified.
Only problem is: on the output I only measure a value of max. 7VDC
I have a switch installed for selecting the 2K2 or 5K6 resistor to choose the exit value
but i don’t believe that this is the cause of my problem. I was thinking that maybe the LM723 is malfunctioning.
Can this be the problem?

Please help, ’ cause i can’t seem to lokate the fault…
Also I want to add the LCD Display as a V/A-measurement, but i can’t understand the explanation in the manual.
I must add different resistors depending on the function, but the V/A function is not in that list… Wich should i take?

Greetings Jurgen

Check your assembly careful. From the information you supply, we understand that you are a novice, so it is very likely that an assembly problem is at the cause of troubles. Check all part values. Check orientation of parts. Check all solderings. Check wiring.
Regarding the K2651:
You must configure the unit either as voltmeter or A-meter.
Careful: this meter needs a separate power supply to operate, i.e. it cannot be powered from the source it is measuring.

I have the same problem. 20V AC input and 7V output.
This occured after a few years without problems. I have replaced all parts now, even the transformer, no effect. I replaced also my resistor trimmer with the trimmer from the new kit.

I measure the same constant 7V also between the resistor trimmer and the port 5 and 6 from the 723. Everything is checked and double checked. Please can you give a solution.