K7300 PCB broke and need a new one



My PCB for my k7300 (universal battery charger) broke and i would like a new one. Now I can print it myself but I don’t want to waste time redrawing the whole thing so I’m wondering if you could provide the already drawn BOARD and/or the SCHEMATIC? Would be really helpfull!

Thanks anyways!

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A busy student :joy:


The schematic can be found here:

You can also buy it directly from us.

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As I said, i’m a student and i dont want to spend money on something I can print myself but as I’m short of time I was asking if you had the pcb or schematic already drawn so all I’ll have to do is printing the whole thing.

The documentation you provided me is just an image on a PDF document so that doesn’t help very much…

Anyways thank you for your time!