K8018 LEDs not working

I’ve just assembled a K8018B kit.
I can connect it to USB, download and upload animations but not a single LED is lightning up. I’ve uploaded an “animation” where all the LEDs are set to on, but neither in that way there is anything that seems to turn on, except the USB LED in the mainboard…
From my point of view it looks like the ICs are maybe out of order, but it seems strange…
Do you have any suggestions ?
Thankyou for your help,

Hi everybody.
So, in fact it works ! but only if I plug the 9V power supply. It does not work when plugged on USB only. Is it normal ?
Another strange thing is when I set a static display, for example a rectangle, from time to time some maybe random other LEDs blinks/flashes: normal ?

And the final question : is there a way to get or to know the protocol to communicate throug USB/serial port ?

Thankyou in adavance and best regards,

Nobody to help me ??

Hello Zorro_X

We don’t have the protocol available.

Velleman support

Thankyou very much.
It is a shame for the protocol… maybe some coding library allowing to dynamically change the animation (or at least to choose wich one is running after having uploaded a set) ?