K8023, more than 1 transmitter?


(sorry for bad English)

I have 2 questions for the electronic-kit K8023:

The transmitter is connected with the receiver by 2 wire at the “VTX”-interface. Is it possible to connect with the receiver more than this one transmitter, for example 2 or 3 transmitters by “VTX”-interface AT THE SAME TIME / SIMULTANEOUSLY?

There are possible 10 channels. It means for example 10 switches/buttons. Is it possible to use several buttons simultaneously? Or only 1 button? It means: can I push more than 1 button at the same time, or is it only possible to send ONE signal, and so the next button/signal can be send AFTER pushing the first button is ready?



Unfortanely K8023 can’t handle 2 transmitters.
But the kit does support 2 buttons pressed at the same time :slight_smile:

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