K8028 malfunction



i am using die k8028 with function: slow on for years. Recently the 60 W lightbulb burnt. After replacing the bulb the kit runs self check and LED 4 (green) burns - no errors.

When I activate the kit LED 5 (red) signals operation, but the bulb stays dark (for houres). Instead LED 1 (red) and LED 2 (yellow) starts immediately to flash in intervals of 6 flashes.

Remark: LED 2 (yellow) seems ton be very dimm - don´t know if this was originally like this.

Can anbody help? Thanks in advance.


Some times when the bulb burns out it takes the Triac with it.
You should test or just replace it.



thanks a lot Wrong_Way. Problem solved. Having recieved your sugestion I uninstalled the K8028 board and installed meanwhile a simple on/off switch. Done so the bulb did not work! I checked the lamp socket and a pin was burnt/broken. Replaced dei lamp socket and k8028 is working.

So as addition to the k8028 manual: After completing the self check succesful (LED 4 (green) burns) the kit is started but no load is detected the LED´s according to the slected program start to flash. If so check the load!