K8048 Kit examples please


Hello to all.

First time post.

I bought the K8048 (VM111) board some time ago and thought it was about time to find out what it does.

Unfortunately there were no example files with my purchase so I’m asking here, if anyone can get me up and running with some very simple examples to make the lights flash on the motherboard etc.

Kind regards, James.


If you installed the Picprog2009
You will find examples in one of the two locations
64 bit C:\program files (x86)\Velleman\Picprog2009\examples
32 bit C:\program files\Velleman\Picprog2009\examples

You can download the software from this link


Hello and thank you for the reply.

I’ve installed that software yet there isn’t a file location referencing to Vellerman within program files.

There is an example folder created within C:\PicProg2009\Examples though.

There are three examples within this location.

I’ll give those ago.

I’m using windows 10 too just for reference too.

Kind regards, James.


Hello again.

There was a Hex file demo within this location (just one) so using the K150 i loaded the Hex file into the chip and after putting the chip back into the K8048, now have a set of scrolling LEDs.

Is there a location that lists the code that makes this happen so that i can interrogate the code to see how that works.

Kindest, James.


Since the K8048 uses Microchip PICs this would be a good place to start.


Thank you.

All the best, James.