K8055 Project. PC doesn't recognize USB board

I just assembled the kit. I plugged it into WinXP laptop. The laptop doesn’t see the hardware. Rudimentary testing shows USB 5v at IC3 pin20 and Gnd at pin19. How much does it take for PC to see a USB object? I put K8055D.dll in win system32.

Does the LED LD8 flash two times and then turn off when the USB canle is connected to the PC?
The flashes indicate that the CPU starts to run.
If LED LD8 stays on, it indicates that the USB enumeration process fails and the PC doesn’t detect the card.

Actually, no LED come on at all. After looking some more, I found that I opened the Demo software and hit connect, the AD1 and AD2 bar graphs turned blue, reading : AD1-118 and AD2 reading 128. I then saw the inputs’ boxes will show a check mark corresponding to my pressing of the Inp switches. This indicates some of the circuitry works.
Exploring still further, I plugged it into a Win7 x32 PC. It flagged the board and connected it. I added the K8055D.dll to System32 folder. I then installed the Demo and got a graphic with light bulbs. They went on when I pressed the buttons.
I will investigate further with LED # 8, to see if it comes on if 5v applied to LED with IC’s removed.

Indeed, it seems the board is working.

The LED may have wrong polarity or there is disconnection in the circuit…