K8055 SK5/6 moved without power off

Unfortunately I moved the SK5/6 without power off /disconnect the board and now the pc does not recognize the board. Before that, the system worked well.
Is it possible to solve the problem with some of your advice?

Thank’ s in advance

To check the board, please do following:

  • Disconnect and then reconnect the USB cable.
  • The LED LD8 should flash three times and then turn off.
    If this occurs, the board should be OK.

Good morning
Actually when reconnect the USB cable the LED LD1 become on and not happen nothing.
Thank you


Isn’t the ‘Power’ LED LD11 ?
Anyhow, this may indicate some defect on the board.

The LD11 it’s on ever on

So LD1 and LD11 are both on?
Please check the IC3 is properly in the socket.
Check also the crystal soldering is OK.
Do you have K8055 or K8055N board?

Yes are both on and the IC and crystal seem ok
It’s K8055


It seems that maybe IC3 is damaged.
Possible cause: electrostatic discharge…