K8055/VM110 good and more info


OK, the good is that having made the K8055 I made a PC interface (across TCP/IP) that my HomeSeer system can use to and receive from dead easily.

It was so easy that I bought three VM110 and they are wonderful. Worked on Win10 and Win7, no problem.

These are lovely having surface mount components and I never wanted the LEDs anyway (see below).

Bad points - the VM110’s manuals are very brief compared to the K8055 and if I hadn’t had this first I would have been struggling.

Second, darn you Velleman this is so useful this might well end up and each room PCs interface to the Home Automation sensors rather than other things like Z-Wave etc. Bit more string though!

But overall, nice job Velleman.


Thank you for the feedback.
Glad to see you like the K8055/VM110 !