K8055N auto restart

Good morning, I use a K8055N card to control a bi-fuel boiler.
I connected to the digital outputs 5 relays. Sometimes it can happen that when one or more relays are activated, the 8055n board crashes and executes the microprocessor restarts, in fact the led number 8 flashes, and soon after the board reconnects.

What this reboot can be due to? May be a peak of tension introduced in the circuits by the relays? or another reason?
how can i avoid such reboot? additional filter condensers on the pic? or diodes feeding of the realys?


PS: I use 5 relays type 24V produced by Finder model.,
switching power supply: 24V 7A

The reason of this kind of problem may be some sort of electromagnetic disturbance maybe from the relays. You may test increase the distance between the relays and the card. Also you may try using grounded metal housing for the card and/or adding 100 nF…1uF ceramic capacitors between the relay control wires and board GND.
For more info please see this thread: VM110 - output problems