K8056 Byle (B) command bug?


Several years ago, I bought a K8056 relay board kit. At that time, it was more out of interest than for a real project. I wrote my own software (in Visual Basic) and was very happy with it.

However, I now have a use for it, so I re-wrote the software in what was called Real Basic (now XOJO)…

As a test, I wrote a simple binary counter, so the relays flipped on and off counting from 0 to 255.

I used the “B” binary method to send all the data and then realised that it missed one…

This turned out to be 13, the start code! Not a big problem as my eventual code will probably use the “S” and “C” codes for my project, but I wondered if this problem had been fixed?

Many thanks,

Richard Gamester