K8059 And K8057 Only one channel


I have just built the K8059 key fob transmitter and the K8057 receiver. Neither of the compatibility links have been shorted under the PIC.

The CH2 button activates LED2 and the CH2 relay on the receiver.

The CH1 button activates the transmitter (led illuminates) but has no effect on the receiver.

Both buttons could be used to program the transmitter for the two modes (continuous and 1s) suggesting the buttons are connected properly.

However if both CH1 and CH2 buttons are pressed both LED1 and LED2 and CH1 and CH2 relays activate. This suggests to me that both kits have been assembled correctly since both buttons are read on the transmitter and both relays are controlled on the receiver. What could cause the single channel failure of channel 1?


Hi. I too have the same problem. Did you ever resolve this? I see no one replied to your question! Phil.


Hi Support team,

is there any update on this Topic? I also have channel 2 working and channel 1 is not. However the blue LED lits if I press SW1.

Also channel 1 can be programmed on the Receiver module K8057?

Furthermore, I can reset the Transmitter which means that SW 1 is working.

Is the a possible issue with the PIC?

Thanks and Kind regards