K8060 problems

I have one problem (for the moment) with the k8060 amplifier. When i plug the dc, I get 153 mv on the r19 resistance. The rv1 is turned left and I have any problem on the board. What can I do ? It is normal ?
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The K8060 requires an AC transformer.
You can download the manual from this link.
Look on page 14 and 15

Thanks for you quick reply,
I buy the AC adapter velleman 12030 and a 1a fuse linked in chain with the a.c. but it stay at 153 mv at the r19.
What can I do ?

You might start by check that all of the transistors are in the correct position.
Look closely at T4, T5,T6, T7 and T8

I checked all the transistors and diodes and all is ok. I don’t know what is the problem…

??? Nobody knows what’s the problem ?

I have a problem with both of my 8060 amps,when power supplied both the resisters 20 and 6 immediately heat up and burn out.I’m sure that the transformers are correct.

Maybe a bit late. Check if you did not created a ground loop. Especially when R2 is getting hot is an indication for this. Create one and only one central grounding point for the amplifiers. Check wiki to avoid ground loops.