K8062 Built Kit how can i See if it is working correctly

I have just finished building my K8062 I plug it into the PC, i see nothing in device manager showing that it exists, and there doesnt appear to be any test software that just responds that it can see the device.

How am I supposed to test this device on the testbed with no actual DMX lights available - I am building this kit to be used in a location that has lights fixed and wired so unless I am going to go on-site and plug in for testing I have no way of testing on the workbench.
What would be the simplest way of testing the board and confirming that it is communicating correctly to the PC? Is there any way to confirm data flow down the USB?
My DMX led hasnt come on either, does that mean there is a problem on the board or does it not work unless plugged into a light?
Edit: the DMX led was not soldered properly - i missed it (Doh!) now it flashes 3 times and goes out on power up,

This is OK.

Next test:

  • Download the DMX_demo.exe software, available here .
  • Extract the ZIP package and run the software in the folder \dmx_demo_soft.
    When run, the ‘DMX signal’ LED should start flashing.

Ok DMX demo light is working but using freestyler it was selected but not flashing the led, how can i ensure its working with the software?

Please see this thread for a possible solution:
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