K8062 Header file


I’m trying to use the K8062 to control lights via DMX in LabView. In the Import Shared Library Wizard I need a header file for the .dll - does anyone have this or know how to create one?


edit: I found it! It is a file K8062D_DLL.h found in the Borland C++Builder folder of the SDK download.

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Glad you resolved the issue.

Ok a follow on question. I have recently got access to LabView NXG, and wanted to try to control the K8062D through it. However, one can only use 64-bit DLLs with NXG.

I have downloaded the 64 bit DLL from here: K8062 32bit and 64bit dll

, but I have no luck in getting the K8062 operational. I can create the fucntions and parameters but the K8062 just doesn’t respond when I try to control it. I notice that in that thread it is stated that the 64 bit DLL will only work in Microsoft Visual Studio projects. Is there any way to get this DLL working properly in LabView NXG?

Here you can download the 64-bit version of the K8062D.dll:
This DLL version is a standard Windows DLL and does not require Visual Studio to run.
There in the package is also a 64-bit demo software written in Delphi.
Please copy both the K8062D.dll and K8062e.exe to Windows\System32 folder or to your project folder.

Thank you, this DLL works alongside copying the DLL and .exe to System32 folder.

Thank you for the feedback.
Glad it is working for you.