K8062 LabView error handling

Hi all,

I am writing a program in LabView to control several LEDs via the K8062. Everything works well, apart from error handling. The issue I am facing is that if the K8062 is not plugged in, the LabView program executes the StartDevice command but gives no indication if this has failed or not. The intent here is to inform the user if there is a problem communicating with the K8062 purely through the LabView software.

I have tried to link the error out of the Call Library Function Node to display any errors but there are none displayed. Any help would be appreciated!

You may use the DLL function Connected().
For more info please see this thread:
Detecting a connected K8062

The function Connected() is included into the 64 bit version too, available here:

Thanks for the reply, this is what I am looking for. The download link for the 32-bit modified .dll doesn’t seem to be working (tried different browsers), is there any chance it could be re-uploaded? Thanks

Now re-uploaded, hopefully ok:

Thanks, download is working and I have the function set up in LabView now. However, I am not quite sure how to get a response from the function. I followed the subVI to create the example shown in the attached image, however when I run that case structure, there are no notifications or error codes appearing. Is there something I have missed in setting up this function? thanks again.

labview K8062 example

Indeed, there is no error information output.
The return type of this function is boolean.
If there in the LabView is no boolean return type available…
You can use numeric return type instead.
Try 32 bit integer…
Check if return value is 0=false or 1=true.