K8062 with VB 2019

I have used the K8062 DMX interface on VB6 for some time now and it works fine.
I am now trying to use it with VB2019 on Win 10 and I can’t get it to work.
In the code I use the “StartDevice” followed by “SetchannelCount(10)” then “SetData(1,255)”
The LED on the K8062 unit flashes but the connected lights do nothing,
Does anyone know if this product / dll works with VB 2019.
Many thanks

Yes - seems to work with VB2019 too.
Here you can download a working demo project to test:
Extract the package and then open K8062_Demo.sln in Visual Studio 2019.

Thanks for getting back to me with the demo program.
I have since found that the problem that I was seeing was in the declerations at the start of the program, in the VB6 version of the program the channel and data were declared as long (Private Declare Sub SetData Lib “k8062d.dll” (ByVal Channel As Long, ByVal Data As Long) this does not work with VB2019. If you change them to integers as in your demo it works fine.
Many thanks once again.


No problem! Glad to see your K8062 is working OK.
Indeed, there are some differences in the declarations between VB6 and VB2019.