K8076 + pcusb6


Sorry, dutch & english is somehow the same language in my head,…

Recently, I bought a PIC programmer (K8076) and noticed that the manual

velleman.be/downloads/0/info … 076_uk.pdf
velleman.be/downloads/0/info … 076_fr.pdf
^ seen here (omploader.org/va2Zh/velleman.JPG was a screenshot of this)

said it supported USB->serial via the PCUSB6 cable.
so i also bought this cable, along with the programmer, come home, find it doesn’t work (the main error you see on these forums… "settings don’t match PIC, blahblah)

(tried with 16F627, 16F627A, 16F877, 16F877A, 16LF877A, 18F4550)

and i was wondering if there was SOMEKIND of solution, as none of my computers have the expandabillity to add a serial port,
or if i just basically wasted my money on this?
(don’t get me wrong, the velleman projects are AWESOME)

thanks in advance.


The documents that you’ve consulted are not the manuals of this product.
At release time, it was not clear if a USB to serial device would work properly under all circumstances, therefore we stated ‘possible’, not ‘guaranteed’ or ‘compatible’. On our website, we have removed this, but third party websites do not always keep their info up to date.

The website info

and the manual

clearly state that a USB to serial device does not work reliable with this product.

In the future, to avoid misunderstandings, we suggest you contact our support dept. before you purchase an item. We are there to help you out.