K8096 - MotorLibNET.dll in C#

I need to use the K8096 from within a C# application.

I’ve written the following code based on the MotorLibNET HTML manual

I have the following class to import the MotorLibNET.dll

namespace Velleman.Kits
public static class SMC
public static extern bool Connect(string port, int motors);

On the main screen I have a Connect-button with following code

 private void button_Connect_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
      SMC.Connect(comboBox_Usb_Port.Text, 0);

When I build the code there are no errors

When I press the connect-button the following error message is displayed
Unable to find an entry point named “Connect” in DLL MotorLibNET.dll

What is going wrong?
What is the solution?