K8098 Aud. Analyzer, No Video only Backlight - Suspect failed IC2

After assembling a K8098 kit, purchased from Jameco on 9/8/20, I found no video, only backlight on LCD. Viewed signals @ SK1 pins and found pulses, but also half-level logic signals on other pins. These pulses did not change when SW1, the mode switch, was pressed. Suspected that IC2 was defective, however wanted to confirm. Had previously purchased and assembled a K8098 kit on 9/9/19 and it performed perfectly, so removed that IC2 and exchanged it with the suspected unit in the current kit. Found that this corrected the condition. Could you please send me a replacement IC2 (VKVPA20 programmed with DSPIC33FJ321/SP)?

Hello c_roher,

Since this concerns a technical defect either CPU.
In this case it’s better to report this problem on Our Service Ticket System.
You can Open a new ticket via this link: https://customercare.velleman.eu/

At this way We can help You faster to solve this problem.

Best regards,
Velleman Support

Okay will attempt the route you suggest, however I do find it difficult to believe that you cannot simply send a replacement IC. I’ve viewed the comments/complaints that have been sent to you regarding this unit and suspect that this is a quality problem that occurs during one of the steps in the manufacture of the components for the kit. Thanks for your time.

Dear c_roher,

We can certainly send you a replacement IC,
But the request for this can only be made through our service ticket system (platform). https://customercare.velleman.eu/

On this service platform: problems can be reported, support can be requested, etc. The forum is primarily intended for the affiliated forum members to support each other on the platform, and we will go into it if the problem is not resolved. If necessary, we will refer to our service system.

Thanks in advance for understanding.
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