K8098 Audio Analyser, NOT WORKING! 39€ WASTED!


Greetings Everyone!

I recently bought audio analyser kit (K8098 - code for the kit) at my local electronics store. When i assembled the unit i looked at the LCD screen and the only thing i could see was white backlight and nothing else. At first i though the PIC micro controller wasn’t programmed so i took my oscilloscope to see if the micro controller is working or not. Some pins were sending out signals. Then i took my home made elektrosluch and i pointed towards the PIC micro controller and at the lower part of the IC i could hear some activity and when i pressed the button a stream of buzzing sounds started to appear. Afterwards i pointed elektrosluch towards the other IC and i coulnd’t hear any sounds coming from it.
I also used my multimeter to check for shorts at pins that connect LCD to the main board and i got no shorts there. So i proceeded to check for shorts at the LCD panel and also got no shorts there.
I even used arduino touchscreen shield from velleman to connect it to the main board and i got the same result. Backlight is on but no text is displayed.

I made a youtube video to show that the unit isn’t working correctly.
Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_6TiDRChNw

In conclusion, there is nothing on the LCD screen and the only thing i see is white backlight. Also i forgot to mention that the voltage regulator gets a bit warm after some time.


I’t hard to tell because the camera is jumping all over the place.
It looks like IC1 might be backwards.
Could you post some static pictures?


Of course, i will be right back.


There. The Photos should now be uploaded.


uploaded to where?
I don’t see them.


For some reason my photos don’t want to upload on this forum. I will try a different method.


You may have to upload 1 at a time.


https://www.photobox.co.uk/album/temporary I uploaded the photos here, now they should be accessible.


No pictures there.
Maybe it needs a few minutes


ehhh… i received new IC couple of months ago but after few weeks the unit stopped working again.


Can you explain whats going wrong?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I received new IC (programmed PIC micro-controller) and after replacing the old one, the unit was working correctly again. Then i decided to mount the audio analyser into enclosure. After i made the enclosure I inserted the unit in it and used screws to close everything up. When i powered up the unit, it wasn’t working again and i got back to the old problem where the LCD screen backlight would turn on but nothing on the display would be shown.


NOTE: i made the enclosure several months ago and i was busy doing other stuff. That’s why i was inactive for a long time.