K8098 Audio Analyzer blank screen

I just purchased a K8098 audio analyzer from Jameco in USA.
Symptom is no display except for backlight.
I have checked all component values, and checked signals with an oscilloscope. VDD is 3.28V. No signals on any pins, except for pin 10, Crystal. This signal varies from about 22MHz to 42MHz, which seems way too high for the MCU and specified crystal. I understand that the PIC is supposed to work without a crystal. but it looks like either the MCU needs a crystal or is dead and needs replacing.
Please advise on any changes to be made, or other actions i can take, including getting a replacement MCU.


Oh i forgot, The lot number is 1139278’


Hello kwcclark,

Since this concerns a technical defect either CPU and or display module.
In this case it’s better to report this problem on Our Service Ticket System.
You can Open a new ticket via this link: https://customercare.velleman.eu/

At this way We can help You faster to solve this problem.

Best regards,
Velleman Support