K8098 Audio analyzer

Hello Velleman support Team,

A couple of days ago I have assembled your Kit K8098 (Audio analyser). I think that I have made everything correct, because that was not my first PCB Project and I have experience with microcontrolers as well. I have cleaned and checked whole soldering work under the magnifiing glas to proove some shortcuts or other mistakes. I did not not find any.

PCB is Version PVPA20´2 without external XT Crystal oscillator.

The Problem is that by connecting Power only LCD Backlight is on but no Picture on the Screen. So I have checked further . Compsumption on 12V is 53 mA. Voltage on Board is 3,26 V. MCLR on DSPIC is 3,26V. So everything seems to be ok. BUT it does not work. So I have checked if there is some signals going from DSPIC to LCD with oscilloscope and I could not find any “life” on any Output. The only oscillations were on one OSC input of DSPIC in an irregular way.

Do you have any Idea how I could make it work ?

Thank you for your response

Peter Balko.

Stuttgart, Germany


Do you still have the packaging laying around?
There should be an blue sticker with a number on it.
Could you please post it or send it via PM?


Yes there is a sticker: Velleman 1035382


Predro11 could you send me your address in PM?
We will send you an new IC.

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Hello to you.

I have exactly the same problem as Pedro11, Back-light on but nothing on the LCD display.
I purchased two K8098 kits two days ago.
One works good the other one does not work.
So initially I transposed the LCD display boards over, same thing, there was no problem with the LCD boards.
Then I transposed the dsPIC33FJ32GP, and the defect switched to the other module.
So the good PIC33F works in both modules and the bad PIC33F does not work in either module.
Conclusion is that one of the PIC33F is defective.
It appears almost that the broken one does not contain any firmware.
Nothing on the boards get hot, power draw very little.
VDO & AVDO arround 3.2V MCLR is held high @ 3.2V.
On the good chip so to speak, there is constant clock signal on pin10 whereby the bad chip shows a rather “pulsed” clock signal.
All output pins on the good processor sow good pulses ( activity ) whereby with the bad processor plugged in, all outputs are 0 volts & no activity.

The blue numbers on the Boxes are 1035382 on both Boxes same number.

There are no shorts anywhere on the boards, both modules work fine with the good processor plugged in.
So I would love to get my hands on another dsPIC33FJ32GP processor if I could please.

Many Thanks for looking into it,

Roman L.
Perth,Western Australia

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Hi Roman,

Thanks a lot! You gave a lot of good information!
Could you also send your address to via an PM?

Best Regards,

Hi VEL337 and thank you for your reply.
I clicked on your name but I can’t find a message button ?
Cheers Roman.

Hello to You,

I have the same problem. I have purchased 5 devices, 4 are already working fine for me for some months. The last one I have first soldered the display only for testing purposes on one other module some months ago. On No. 4 I had a bad solder point on a smd capacitor - found it out this way.

Now I soldered the “mainboard” of No. 5 and with the PIC mounted there is a very high current going into the device, the PIC gets very warm. I have limited the current (going from 0 little steps upwards) by my service power supply to avoid bigger problems.

Without the pic mounted all voltages are good and there is nearly no power consumtion ( very low current only)

[Edit:] backlight is on, nothing else. The Display worked for me with an other device some time ago. From my point of view the PIC is somewhat defectiv.(/Edit]


best regards


i got the same issue. The PIC micro controller i sending out some data from the lower pins of the chip but there’s no output coming from the LCD screen. I even tried a different LCD screen that plugs on to the main board connectors and i got same result. No content, just white backlight.

Hi I bought 2 units and both are white screen.
the numbers on the blue tag is 1088644
thanks Mike

Please send your address via PM


Hello vell337,
I have exactly the same problem with two boards.
the backlight goes on, but there is no graphics.
Number of Blue Stickers: 1139278

can you also send me new ics?

Unfortunately I can not find the PM button with you.

best regards

Please try again, i changed your user level

I sent you a pn. did you receive this?

Hello.The Problem is that by connecting Power only LCD Backlight is on but no Picture on the Screen. I think that the PIC 33F is HS

the numbers on the blue tag is 1139278