K8098 basic questions

I bought the kit and built it, but when time came to actually use it I realized I don’t know the first thing about electricity:D


  1. How do I power that thing? Spec says 12v / 75ma- I found this 12v battery - would that do the job? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AZOOGWY
    If not - what else can I use?
  2. I hope to use this as visualizer for my turntable - it’s preamped with standard stereo RCA output - how can I connect that to the K8098 (seems like I need to get a female to 2 males splitter and open one of the female connections and attach to the yellow & orange on the K80098?

Thanks and sorry for my super basic questions! I tried to find answers on the forum but couldn’t see any

Hi @ avi

  1. This battery https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AZOOGWY is not suitable, it has too little capacity. MN21 battery has 33 mA instead of a minimum of 75 mA. You can use this for battery: https://www.velleman.eu/products/view/?id=407544
    Or Either a 12V DC power adapter. Like this: PSS6E1205 https://www.velleman.eu/products/view/?id=453140

  2. Indead, connection diagram is as shown here.

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