K8098 not working

I have just built the Vellaman K8098 kit for the audio analyzer, I powered it up, and it’s just showing the display backlite no other display just clear screen.

I have +3.2 volts out of the regulator chip +12 volts into it. if I feed the op amp a signal
audio 1KhzI can see it at pin 2 into the PIC, but very little if any out to drive the display from the PIC ,I have volts on the PIC pin 1 ,13, and 28. I think it maybe that the PIC has lost or not been programmed.

I spoken to a company I purchased the kit from they said they would send me an other PIC from another kit, but by the comments I have read either a bad batch of PICs or a bad programming.

So it maybe the replacment chip is bad also, is it safe to read the PIC on a programmer?
Just wondering if a PIC reader.programmer will erase before reading.

Tony Smith UK

Sorry I should have also said I have checked all the ground connection on the PIC all OK, also this kit has no crystal , but from what I have read thats normal as maybe this PIC has internal clock generator.

Tony Smith UK