K8200 BLtouch setup

Hello makers!

For the moment I’m struggling to implement BLtouch sensor to work with 3Drag motherboard in parallel with Velleman LCD (VM8201) using Marlin 2.0.x.
In Configuration.h I added this line #define SERVO0_PIN 53 after #define BLTOUCH and I uncommented #define SDSUPPORT and #define ULTIMAKERCONTROLLER to use the LCD.
After I compile and upload the software to the 3d printer the controller is “stuck” and no info is displayed on the LCD .The problem is in pin.h you can already find defined #define SD_DETECT_PIN 53 and I think this is overlapping with #define SERVO0_PIN 53.
If I comment " //#define SDSUPPORT " everything is working (LCD + BLtouch) well but I can’t use the SD card.
What I should do in this case?