K8200 shifting during printing

Hi everybody,

During long printings (2-6hours), my K8200 always shift, at a random time, and start to print at 10mm from the initial printing zone.
Sometime, it even “push” my printing away from the bed and print “in the air”.
It mainly occurs on the X axis.

I was thinking about two possibilities.

  • a jump from the X axis belt.
  • a not well calibrated Z axis motor.

What is your opinion on this, have you ever experienced this problem ?

Thanks in advance.

There are a few things you should check.
The reference voltage for the stepper motors.
0.55 works the best do not go over 0.6
Make sure the drivers are not over heating
The pulleys on the motors check the screws to make sure they have not come loose.
Move the bed by hand to see if there are any places it may get stuck.
If you are running version 1 of the firmware you should consider changing it to version 2.
Version 1 works OK but however it monitors the end stops.
If you have a bad solder joint on the end stops this will cause a false end stop hit and cause the problem you are describing.

Hello Wrong Way,

Thank you for your response, I needed some time to try the solutions you gave me.

I changed the stepper voltage, they used to be from 0.425 to 0.55, it was hard to set. Now they are from 0.51 to 0.54.
I printed the fan nozzle from the Velleman model and a part that allow me to have a more precize Z calibration here

I made a calibration to have a more precise extrusion rate.

I uploaded the firmware from V1 to V2.

I checked the pulleys screws, everything seems good.

Now I have nices printings and my K8200 works smoothly with less maintenance needed to set it ready to print.

I will try later with a big print and tell you if my problem is really solved.

One question, I found that it is possible to manually change during the printing the speed and extrusion rate of the k8200. Is 100 the standard rate ? Why does is changes automatically after the slicing ?

Thank you in advance,

where can i see te firmware en where can i change it

Look in this link.
Once you get the firmware loaded into the Arduino IDE you can edit it in there