K8200 was working before house move

Hi all,

Nube to the site. I have the K8200 and it was working at first then sat in the garage for a while, until I found a new place to live, just connected the power and the USB cable installed Repetier and it connects ok to the printer, but the bed or the nozzle won’t heat up and none of the axis work. I have tried the following:

  1. checked the ribbon cables and connections and all seem good.
  2. the printer connection settings in Repetier don’t have a USB connection option (just serial/tcp-ip connection and virtual printer.
  3. I have lowered the temperatures on both the bed and the nozzle to see if the axis work then and still nothing.
    I have changed the heat connectors around to see if either of them heat up…nope…

Any guidance and troubleshooting steps over and above what I have already done would be grateful.



Hi, and welcome to the forum!

What voltage are you getting out of your power supply?

Are there any error or diagnostic messages in the Repetier console?

Hi Dr_Vegtable,

I managed to get the axis to move I had the wrong settings in the software…doh… However I can only get either the bed or the nozzle to heat up and only by switching the board connectors to Heater 1 connector. The Repetier sofware only shows an extruder under the manual settings, could the Heater 2 Connector be shot…?

The Heater 1 connector LED flashes yet the Heater 2 connector LED doesn’t…this is why I think that it may be shot, could I be up for a replacement board?



Before you replace the board check the printer settings.
pay attention to Reset on Connect

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I changed that setting as per your screenshot, and it is still doing the same.

thanks for the suggestion though.