K8203 Direct Drive Extruder doesn't feed

Upgraded to K8203 leaving stepper wired. I can push through hot end but it won’t feed on its own?

Using firmware_k8200_v2.3-marlinv1

Depending which bracket you mounted you may need to change the direction of the extruder in the firmware before you load it into the card.

I built it opposite the pictures, as community boards suggested. But it doesn’t feed at all, up or down. I can stand over it and push feed it while it’s running (and make a mess). I let the program run to end and filament was still all the way down and didn’t feed up.I also tried jogging E in manual mode and that didn’t work either.

On the OEM build I set driver voltages near .5V as I couldn't nail them so I erred on the + side.  I found myself, though, putting my hand on that large spur gear at times and assisting it.  After almost getting my thumb gobbled up a couple of times I decided that was no good, and bumper E driver to .65V and that took care of that.  Following suit I bumped V on new driver from (as installed .85V) to 1.01V, this was a guess as there is no call out in doc. But to no avail.

I think on the new driver it has to be set to 0.9
You may want to search the forum to verify that setting.

So it should work @ 1.01V ??

Since 0.9 is recommended that’s what I would set it at.

Where did you find the 0.9V spec. We are are on a Velleman web site, there should be a data sheet or document here somewhere. What about the jog button? Shouldn’t I be able to feed the filament in and out by jogging?

I’m considering plugging the old driver board back in just to see if it moves without filament. I don’t know the ratio on original gear set but it looks approx 4:1 so I assume new driver board (1:1) has more power and a different parameter somewhere in the config file for ratio change.

It’s been a while, so when I opened Repetier-Host, I was to quick to click on the update dialog that so conveniently pops up in the middle of the screen. It brought back Arduino 1.6 memories. So for the third time I have a new interface. Interestingly, it lost the temperature progress sliders and just has numbers.