K8205 - past extruder


I’m looking at the manual for the paste extruder kit (K8205)
There’s a chip included in the set. But there isn’t anything about why it’s included or how I’m supposed to add it on when I’m assembling the set. Is there an updated version of the manual??? Why is it included???

You have to switch the driver board with the one already installed on the extruder socket

Is there a manual that says how to do it specifically??
I couldn’t find it in the manual that i found off the site.

This might help

First; what part list is correct: then one on manual page or the one in the box? Then I seem to miss a couple of nuts , 1 to be used with a “hexagon head screw socket M4” and the other with a “hexagon socket head cap screw” in step 8? Otherwise, so far so good.