K8400 bed settings

Why are these bed settings left and frontside negative?
Excuse me for my question, i’m a leeke and trying to understand it.

This is because my bed is 200 x200, using dualhead, when i want to print an oject that have the size of 190 x 190 it wouldn’t printed because my printer want use the total bed size.

because the printer takes bed size minus nozle offset

Can it be change and wath is the effect?
I dont have many trust in the velleman settings. Have more problems with it

I think the result of these two quotes guarantee a bad result.
The people of Velleman have years of experience!

I wish to apologize for my statement. But I’ve had problems with the K8400 for so many years.

You can change these settings on your own risk in the firmware , configuration.h and then flash the firmware. There are topics on this item :slight_smile: