K8400 converted to Ramps 1.4



is there anyone who has tried to convert their K8400 to Ramps.
I just burned my mainboard …

Is there any point to try?


I did this with a K8200 and it went pretty well. (I was upgrading for dual extruders.)

I am not very familiar with the 8400, but I can’t think of a reason why it would not work.

There are some details about what I had to do on mine here: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=16560


See no reason why not. But remember that most on the printer is running on 15V like heater and fans and other things. If i where going todo something like it i would use a Taurino Mega and the premium Ramps 1.4 because that would mean i could use 24V and i would probably switch out the heater and the fans and ditch the nozzle assembly board.


I hate to wake an old thread but I am trying this right now. So far I have changed out the stock connectors for some standard ones that fit RAMPS. The only question I have is whether RAMPS can handle 15VDC or not. I was able to use the voltage adjust screw to decrease the PS to 14VDC if that makes a difference.


So, how’d it go? I’m thinking about trying this myself