K8400 do nothing and SD card doesn't work



I have completed my K8400 a few days ago.

Everything moves manually but it doesn’t print

I can see the commands in repetier going out with a OK

behind each line but the printer doesn’t move at all

extruder 1 is warming up but that’s all

the SD card reader doesn’t work either.

It’s frustrating !!!

Any help ?



The SD card.
There is a selection below “print from SD card”
Init SD card. Anytime you remove and replace the SD card you have to do this.
Printing: I have never heard of this.
Are you using this software?


I know but it doesn’t work

yes same software


You have more then likely done this but I will throw it out there anyway.
Have you tried a different SD card?
Are you putting Gcode files on the card?
The file name will end in XXXXX.Gcode.



Could you please post pictures of your motherboard?