K8400 Motors keep spinning past end stops during printing

Hello, I just received this printer and it is all together now. I am able to print parts all ok. I have the dual extruder one and have only used one at the moment. My problem is that when I send a file to the printer via USB from CUDA, the printer appears to auto home itself and while doing so, the motors continue to spin despite the fact that the printer has reached the X and Y end stops. This, of course, causes what I suspect to be the motors spinning and slipping on the belts. The noise they make while doing so is loud. I noticed that it does it on both axis’ however, for longer time on the x axis, the y is just a second or so while the x does it for about 3 to 4. What is interesting is that the auto home function through the LED display does not result in this, the printer head goes to the X end stop and slows down right on time and stops as does the in the Y direction when I use the front panel to initiate a homing command. I have read in this forum a similar post that describes this as “studders” and have followed all the checks mentioned there. My rails are aligned as are the pulleys, no rubbing of belts and the wiring is all in the correct location. As a last resort, I just upgraded the firmware to 1.4 but it still does it. Anyways, I’d appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.

After some tinkering with the printer, I realized that the part on the axis that interrupts the beam on the end stops, was not reaching far enough to cause the interruption. As a result, the printer would not stop. I added a piece of a sticker that I had laying around to simulate a longer tab on the axis device and it worked. No more over run by the steppers. I will now design some extenders that I can attach to the axis devices to resolve this for good. I also went ahead to Github and loaded the latest version of firmware that I could find. I did have to modify the temperature thresholds a bit to avoid false temp overrun messages but all is good now.