K8400 random resets

Hello all,

since i built my K8400XL with a lot of mods i have a random issue. When moving an axis or while printing, the printer randomly decides to reset of looks to reset of reboot.

it only accours when the axis are moving, not relatad to the print. Without a external 5v source the complete printer reboots like it’s resetting. When i plug a external 5v supply in, the movements stop and it shows “vertex ready” right away without rebooting.

My first thought was the psu, it was a 15v 30A psu from aliexpress (having my doubts with aliexpress) so i orderd a new psu, this time a meanwell HRP-450-15, 15v 30A. This should be of good quality, but the problem still appears.

When it prints it works great and i’m really pleased with it, espessialy now it’s a XL:slight_smile:

Any thougts? this i could try?

Just a thought.
Do you have a way to monitor the 5 volt regulator on the control card?
Or maybe check the output of the regulator to see if it really 5 volts.

It gets 5v, i measerud that over the 5d diode.
I don’t really have a way to monitor it, i should be able to take a readout after it happens offcourse…

As the reset happens when printing it could be a bad contact.
Try disconnecting the reset button. And check if the reset button on the LCD display isn’t in contact with the frame.

Another thought,
Are there any lights AC Heaters thing like that being switch on or off when this happends?

I will look tonight if it helps to disconnect the reset button.

They’re are no other consumers on that wallsocket. Nothing is going on or off. I didn’t have this problem before, it suddenly become.

i disconnected the reset button but the problem is still there.
i measured the voltage on the psu when it happend but it didn’t drop so i would be a reset issue. Tomorrow im going to check the reset button on the display and the mainboard if i can see something, i’m not that great with electronics but who knows

Next time it happens
Unplug it and see if the 5 volt regulator is getting hot.

i gets a little warm, can still hold my finger on it. but it gets already that warm when i start up the printer.

It was just a thought

Hello, I have the same issue. It started with the installing of closed loop stepper motors which have a gigantic difference in print quality.
Did you find out what caused your problem?
I think connecting the VCC of the stepper motors directly to the external PSU?