K8400 z-axis problem first layer

Hello everyone,

When the print starts with his first layer of filament. It starts realy high even it says on the dislpay it is 0,20 mm. It starts around 2 mm of z-axis height.
I never had this problem before.
The bed is corret leveld because when I use the auto home function there is just enough space for the paper that is double folded.
I tried several prints from differt slicers so that can’t be the problem.
Someone knows a solution?
Regards Niels

Hello NoopCrevis,

It seems that there’s a problem with the Z- Stepper driver board.
You can change the Z stepper driver with X stepper driver board. If problem is moved to X-axis and the problem is gone at Z-axis, so the stepper driver is defective.

It can be ordered as spare part from here: https://www.vellemanformakers.com/product/stepper-driver-board-vm8400db/

Velleman Support