K8600 Extruder Steps/mm Calibration


I have roughly checked the x,y,z steps per mm settings and am happy with each.
I would like to check the extruder steps per mm just to be sure of the validity.
Unfortunately I have not been able to manually control the extruder motor as per x,y,z.
I can only get the extruder motor to move when the nozzle is at temperature.
It is able to feed a couple of mm’s worth of filament after which it retracts.

My question…
Is it possible to move the extruder motor with a cold nozzle?




No this is a safeguard.
If you think about it it would not work.
With a cold nozzle the machine could not move any filament.


What if one was to remove the Bowden tube from the extruder and have the filament feed to nowhere?
This would make for an easy measurement without the wasted filament.

Is it possible to retract the filament with a cold nozzle?


The way the firmware is setup the extruder will not move until the temp is at 170C or above.