K8800 3d printer

I have bought the K8800 and it is printing in steps to the right and not layering up as it is suppose to can any one helps me, I have done all the levelling checks as it says to,
regards paul

Hello Paullee2020,

Can you show pictures / video of the 3D-print, and printer?

Note: first layer is very important: Not too deep in Buildtak or too high.
if not oke, calibration is not good.

Also check this: https://manuals.velleman.eu/article.php?id=789 § Calibration issues.
Check every step and adjust where possible. This solve a lot of problems.

You can also print this test print, to check the piezo’s on the ring.

Degrease the bed each time before printing, and do this on both sides as the bed level sensor rely on a clean surface to work properly. Also a clean Buildtak sheet works much better.

Velleman Support