K8800 filament loader stopped working

Assembly, calibration, filament load/unload and first couple prints went without a problem :smiley:
Then on the 4th day the filament loader stepper motor stopped working mid-print, was stuck, could not unload/load :scream:
Removed filament manually (quite a hassle) proceeded to debug - no motion whatsoever, shaft was only rocking back and forth - “sounded” either a) open winding or b) burnt driver or c) faulty wiring.
Proceeded to test winding impedance with multimeter, one winding OK, other at high impedance - diagnostic: option a), faulty stepper :sob:

Need a replacement, contacted local representative, printer and a bunch of filaments standing on the corner collecting dust - this is no fun at all… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


  • Sourced from a local store a NEMA17 Wantai stepper PN: 42BYGHW811-X, seems a 1:1 replacement and is working fine for the moment, has already churned out half a spool of filament