K8800 printing problems - software?


I`ve just bought my first 3D printer and having my first problem.

I have done all the steps in the mounting/startup manual and i did use Cura and the standard “Vertex keyring” file as the first print.

Before slicing the modell in Cura i did choos the vertex PLA filament. This is the only thing i did change in Cura. As standard i get a build plate adhesion type “brim” in my sliced file and that’s ok by me.

Now to the problem (Shows in the video @ 0:10) https://youtu.be/vxnZv4C05do

The start of the build plate adhesion goes verry nice but when the printer starts with the real modell about 2% in the modell the printer is going insane, banging into the bed and allover the place…

I did try to change to another printing modell but the problem is the same… the printer goes insane about 2-3% into the print.

And yes all the calibration steps is done perfect, the support adhesive (Brim) shows a nice pattern (look at the picure) https://www.dropbox.com/s/dle5u1tcx7rx4jr/Print%20fail.JPG?dl=0

Any clues what causes this?

Hi @Kimpa,

Please flip the glass plate so you print on the Buildtak surface, not on the glass surface ;-). See https://manuals.velleman.eu/article.php?id=767 .
Printing on the glass surface is only a good idea if you use PP filament (together with Aprintapro glue).
Happy printing!

Kind regards,