Kit K8115 Component tester


After assembling the kit only backlight working! Need help


Please post a picture of your assembly.
Maybe there’s an error in the soldering


IMG_20171017_105713 (Mobile)IMG_20171017_105813 (Mobile)IMG_20171017_105840 (Mobile)IMG_20171017_105826 (Mobile)


Hi, i checked all pins , no short, no cold joints, all pins perfect. I check esr of capacitors all ok. Oscilograms from MCU perfect. Voltages perfect. What next???


Could you please a post a picture of IC1 and maybe the whole mainboard(without the LCD)


IMG_20171028_144416 (Mobile)


IMG_20171028_145912 (Mobile)


Microcontroller is Atmega328P-PU


I too am having the same problem of only the back light working. I have checked all joints, components, pins, etc. All checks out fine. IC 1 and the microcontroller are the same as the above post. Any feedback would be welcome.


You might have an defective IC.
Please issue a ticket at


Hi, I just recived a new chip from you and kit now is working!!!
Thank you very much for support!




Enjoy your kit


Same problem. I ask for help


As i said before :slight_smile:
please contact


After successfully assembling about 12 of your kits, I have the exact same problem. K8115 carefully assembled and only sign of life is the backlight.



Hi Cloudburst,

We’re sorry there was a quality issue with an chip.
Please contact to request a new IC1 (CD4050)

Best Regards,


This is a little off subject at hand. I have this kit and in doing the parts check I see that r3-r5 are listed as 3k3 resisters with orange orange red, while the ones I have are 33 ohm with orange orange black. Has the specs changed or did I get the wrong resisters?


Never mind, I see the error in my reading the resister code.